These are the people who I want to thank you for making tumblring so much nicer. I haven’t even talked with most of you, because I don’t know what to say to you, but you still make my days. (graphic credit to Emmi ♥)

A-E: acciothehungergames, allinablur, allofthisiswrong, capitolroyalty, deeply-inside, donnanobles

F-I: foxfaced, greatesthungergamesfans, hawtornes, hermionesque, hijacked-peeta, hutchasaurus, illtakethebow

J-N: jenniferlawrencedaily, joshhutchersonnews, magicalromione, mehlurk, metchick01, mionesboobs, mockingfire

O-T: peetabrollark, pensieveforyourthoughts, sherlockmafloy, teacupinastorm, thatsbloodybrilliantharry, theinfernaldevices, the-last-enemy, theresnowayimlettingyougo, thisasian, threshs

I also love everyone I follow. People I’ve talked with/who often reblog/like my posts (even though I haven’t talked with you, I kinda feel I know you) should also be mentioned: dreamonparadise (Ella, I miss our chats!), old-sensation, dobrevsvervain, killer-kitty-22, lanisunshine, speckleyboo, a-girl-falls-in-a-city, weareyourcaptains, printallyourdreams, etc, you know who you are! Sorry if I’ve missed someone!

Special mentions under read more because it’s a long list (If you’ve been tagged but don’t see your url above, make sure to read):

Prisonerofcapitol: Emmi is my very best twitter/tumblr/fb-friend, my fellow toastbaby and my soul sister/spirit animal. I love you like Katniss loves Prim, Peeta loves bread, the golden trio or Eleven, Rory and Amy love each other etc (insert any broship from any of your fave fandoms here). It’s weird that we have only been talking to each other for a couple of months but I still feel close to you and I have actually told you things about my life that not even many of my RL-friends know about me. You understand me also with the fandom-stuff like no one else does and I can always talk to you when I have FEEEELS. Also, you call me the Queen of Everlark so that’s also a reason to love you. You’re a really good “listener” and a lovely person and I’m so happy we’ve started talking. I’m really looking forward to the day we’ll meet. Also, this amazing person made the graphic for this post, and I’m really, really thankful for that because photoshop and I don’t like each other.

nightlockedimpala: Anni is also my good internet-friend and we seem to have many things in common. She’s also the kind of person who understands my fandom-feels. We haven’t talked to each other for long yet, but tweeting with you and Emmi makes my nights! Maybe we’ll have a meet-up that includes all three of us one day.

writergirlie: Jen is one of my favorite people on tumblr and also one of my favorite fanfic writers (I’m also looking forward to reading your original writing one day). I love her opinions about THG, Everlark and Peeta; you should know that even though I don’t usually participate in the conversations on your blog, I often read them and like them. Oh, and we both ship Everlark, Romione and Gremma and love THG, HP and OUAT (and Josh).

frostingpeetaswounds: Amanda’s the kind of blog I open when I want to see fandom news, and she’s funny and also a talented graphic-maker and writer. And she ships Everlark hard.

peetaspenis: I love the way Jessa ships Joshifer, her posts are funny and she’s also a very talented fanfic writer.

bigbigbigday006: I absolutely love her fanart. If I can’t go to tumblr for a couple of days, I always need to check that I haven’t missed any drawings, when I come back.

ivegotthesamclaf: Amelia might actually be my very favorite fanfic writer at the moment. I can’t even think about Eggshells and WETH without getting so many feels that I can’t handle it. I love Peeta and Katniss’ relationship in WETH so much, and I’ve also learned many things about deaf people from that fic. Eggshells makes me feel so bad for Peeta that I can’t even cry, I just have to hug something while reading it.

everlarkrecs is an amazing person for letting us know about all the amazing Everlark-fics.

seamslut/feltlikefire: Lindsey is also one of my favorite fanfic writers. When I want to read an amazing AU Everlark fic with A LOT of tension, her fics are what I read. Someday is one of my all-time favorite fanfics.

mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou: Lily is the actual Queen of Everlark. She’s also a talented gif-maker and writer. Even though Lily doesn’t know this, she’s made me love UK even more than I did before.

katnips is an amazingly talented singer and I love her fascination with Nordic Countries. Tasi, it’s not THAT great here!